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Lightning by duane.schoon on Flickr.

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I always get the worst teammates going into my promos for Silver 1.

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If there is one thing I can’t stand… that would be scary movies.

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FUCK YEA! TSM won! Woooo… such a great series to watch today. Dyrus finally playing like how he is suppose to. 

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Deciding on going to the Korean Night Market today.

Even though it’s hard for me to wake up early in the morning, I feel like my day becomes more productive.

❤ - I wanna be your girlfriend/boyfriend
♋ - I wanna fuck you
❣ - I wanna go out with you
♡ - I think you're cute
✌ - I think you're awesome
☠ - I think you're crazy
✘ - I don't like you
☢ - I hate you
★ - I think you're funny
ツ - I wish we could be friends
∞ - I wanna marry you
✿ - I stalk you
웃 - do me a baby!
✆- Call Me
✉- Write Me
✵- I Likes You
✲- (insert poop joke here)
✳- Be Mine
❣- I want to be with you forever
❂- Your atomic!
➑- Your lucky!
♛- I, I will be king
♚- And you, you will be queen
☣- I hope you catch leprosy
❧ - I'm going to punch you in your privates
❦- I want to kick your face
☾- Let's make out
☽- I want to feel you up
✖- Let's start a war
₪ - Let's start a nuclear war
♔- I wish you were a porpoise
♕- I will tapdance on your grave when your dead
✍- [insert your own comment here]

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